Alan Chaffers

Alan Chaffers

Licensee / Director
For Alan Chaffers it was love at first sight when he arrived in Dapto, fresh off the plane from London in 1980 with his wife and two-year-old daughter.

And after 35 years selling real estate across the Illawarra region, his passion for his adopted home town has only increased with time.

Being part of a local community and playing a role in its growth and development is the most satisfying part of the job for Alan, who has seen Dapto transition from a largely rural and mining community to one with a more diverse economic base and rapidly growing population.

Alan has been deeply involved in Dapto’s transformation, his expertise sought by developers as the area picks up the overflow from Sydney; families looking further afield for affordable housing in a close-knit community with good schools, shopping, sporting facilities and open space.

What he enjoys most is the process of putting together a deal, identifying the potential obstacles and working a way around them. Typically he will get involved in the first and final stages of new subdivision, working with clients on feasibility and valuation and then taking it to the market and securing sales.

His knowledge of the area and understanding of the buyer have been honed over more than three decades living and working in the Illawarra; Allan fills in the gaps that market research overlooks.

As the founding director of R&W Dapto, Alan has been instrumental in forming close ties with local sporting and school groups, even inviting local students to name new subdivisions to help create a sense of ownership and connection as the town’s population grows.

A keen observer of the forces that shape demographic change, Alan sees a bright future for Dapto as it gears up for rapid growth; another 5000 homes in the next five years, 23,000 in the next 30.

Golden Rule: Keep it local

The Real Stuff: Alan’s two great passions are fishing and skiing. You’ll often see him casting a line out on Lake Illawarra but he heads further afield to indulge his love of fly-fishing. Summers you’ll find him wearing waders in the rivers around Jindabyne; winters he’s up on the ski slopes. He’s fished most of the Northern Territory, South Australia and northern Australia. It’s the peace and seclusion that he loves; a catch is just a bonus.
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